March 16, 2020

No, we’re not talking about when you used to live at home (if you were lucky enough to get parental funds!) We’re talking about the 1 April 2020 National Insurance contributions (NIC) that change every year, only this year it’s better news than normal.

NIC’s are paid to HMRC so that we remain entitled to certain benefits including the State Pension and for 2020 these have increased by a whopping 10% which means you will now be able to earn £9,500 before paying NIC’s.  

For all you company owners out there who receive your salary at the NIC limit, this means that you will now receive £791 per month, 

All of that aside, all existing customers of Aspire Accounts –  you don’t need to do anything.  We’ll take care of all of this and make it happen in the background. You can just enjoy the extra and spend it on whatever takes your fancy but that’s what we are about.  Jargon free, simple & easy to understand accounting.