Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

July 1, 2020

No excuses – we get it right first time!

We always advocate our friendly, jargon free accounting here at Aspire and that will never change. 

Underneath our informal exterior, we have many obligations & regulations that we have to follow in order to practice in our field and remain compliant with those rules.  These provide assurance to our clients that we are qualified to undertake sound financial advice and assist with their business.

At Aspire we are especially keen on our processes and systems and are continually reviewing and updating them for continuous improvement.  Recently, we received a visit from the Anti Money Laundering Office to inspect our methods and ways of working.  It’s exceedingly rare for any Inspector to not highlight any areas to address before clearance is granted but that’s exactly what happened with our visit.  We had zero missing information in our records and received a fully compliant report from that single visit.  That doesn’t happen to every Accountant!

We have full check lists in place for every step of onboarding a new client and we undertake thorough reviews annually for them too.  We undertake HMRC and Companies House reviews and live portals on the ICB and with Credit Referencing Agencies.  Why would we not? Our clients trust us to handle their financial matters and complacency will never arise.  We are serious about our clients and their business.