What to do when they won’t pay!

As most businesses will agree,  getting customers to pay an invoice on time can be challenging. Failure to pay an invoice can occur for a number of reasons from simply not having the funds right through to incorrect paperwork and it’s knowing which route to take with your clients and knowing your customers to recover […]

So you think you know what we’re like here?

Our Culture Statement – it’s who we are and what we stand for. We think you’ll like us. Many do 😊 At Aspire we believe that everyone in our office should be able to approach each other and never feel afraid or out of their depth. That goes for our customers too. We pride ourselves […]

And your specialist subject is…..

As a business owner, how much learning have you done about your industry? Do you think you’ve done enough, or could you push yourself to do more? It’s really important to keep pushing yourself to learn more every day and we encourage our staff and clients to do this consistently. Fact: Most of the people […]

Is a Charity the same as a CIC?

If you’re thinking of setting up something that will help the community firstly,  let me applaud you.  Anything that helps a Local Community is up there in my book! You basically have two choices. You can set up a CIC (a community interest company) or a charity. Essentially, Charities and CIC’s both benefit the public. […]

Should you take a dividend or a salary?

To explain that fully, you need to understand what a dividend is, who can receive them and how much tax you’ll you pay on the dividends? That sounds like there’s so many questions but it’s really not that complicated. Don’t worry bear with us and we’ll explain in the Aspire way. No jargon, and easy […]

CIS – not be be confused with CSI!

If you’re in the construction industry, then this one’s for you. Put those tools down, sit up and take notes 😊 We have some information on CIS, not to be confused with CSI. If you’re a contractor in the construction industry, you need to be aware of your obligations under the Government’s Construction Industry Scheme […]

Our personal Business Book Recommendation

As selected by the Boss Lady! Some questions for you to consider. Do you spend time travelling with your work? Why not use your travelling time to good use? Have you considered listening to an audiobook to improve yourself and your business? Books can save us from years of trial and error and monumental mistakes. […]

Have you heard of an encouragement award?

Do you have a staff suggestion scheme? Did you know that you can reward your staff for making suggestions? If you have a staff suggestion scheme, then you can reward your staff for making the suggestions and not only will they love you for giving them a reward but they’ll also love you because it’s […]

What’s this Good Employment Charter we’re hearing about?

Here at Aspire we’ve joined the Good Employment Charter launched by the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham. We believe it’s a great idea and would encourage everyone to take a look at it.  It’s a great way to progress your business and keep staff as the top priority. Happy staff equals more productivity so it’s […]

Payments that a limited company can make – Dispelling the confusion…

So, you’re a limited company and are struggling with all the rules. Don’t worry we have got you. Here’s a simplistic version of the regulations. First of all, it’s important to know that if you are wanting to pay yours or any one else’s wages then you have to register the company as an employer. […]