Senior Accounts Assistant

Denisa joined Aspire in a temporary capacity a few years ago and she did such a good job that we just couldn’t let her go. Denisa doesn’t want to go away either now, which is amazing for us and for our clients. Denisa has built a fantastic relationship with the clients and continues with the month end work she produces with elegance.


  • A-levels in Accounting, Business, Economics and Mathematics
  • Xero Certified Adviser


About me:

When I was little, I wanted to become an astronaut and explore the unknown. Living life on Earth seemed too mainstream, anybody can do it! When my parents told me I need to be excellent in Science – subject that I didn’t enjoy that much, made me leave the idea. As a child it didn’t excite me to play with Barbie dolls like other girls, I liked to play with stamps, filling my dad’s empty invoices, collecting letters and data. Since I started studying accounting at college, it became my dream to work in this industry. Once I understood the mystery of debits and credits, I got hooked up on a wheel I didn’t want to exit from, but to roll on! By becoming a part of Aspire Accounts, my dream in this direction has been fulfilled. Would you imagine being an accountant is such an exciting job? We’re never just about numbers, we are supporters, detectives, visionists.  I so enjoy this for me exciting work, buzzing environment and always growing standards we are continuously building with Jenny, who has shown me having this job is more like a family and now indivisible part of my life, the feeling of putting a piece of me into Aspire comes with greater returns, awaken creativity inside me, I’ve never been more thirstier for knowledge, never been more supported in my career and personal life too. Nothing is impossible for us, we always find a way to achieve what we point at! The feeling of satisfaction when completing a project for over 100%, wanting to go beyond the limits, and seeing happy clients when we’ve turned their life around by having us supporting them. 

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy travelling, hiking and seeing new places – I am not so great at orientation and I often get lost! Then every little trip becomes an adventure to me. I enjoy inline/ice skating, having a drink and laugh with friends. I’m interested about mindfulness and self-development. I often find myself stargazing when the sky is clear and wondering about powers of universe. I’m always on a positive vibe, always smiling, searching for solutions instead of problems. A day of sunshine is all I need to recharge, I love purple colour, I love healthy cooking and baking (I don’t look accordingly because I am a chocoholic of heart and soul!)

Antonella Brollini
TV Personality & Social Media Influencer

“I was in a right mess confused overwhelmed and just about ready to give up on my dream
and go back to continuing helping someone else achieve theirs. But then in came Jenny and Denisa.”

Fiona Drummond-Wall
Yellow Pup Ltd
“Jenny and her team are invaluable to my business. They go over and above with helpingme to save money and to give great tips on how to be more efficient. I’m delighted with the service and would recommend Aspire Accounts highly to any business”

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