IR35 Update for all Contractors

February 10, 2020

(even those who are operating through a Limited company) 

There’s a new update from HMRC.  Yes, we know.  Yet another, and this time it’s not CIS or PAYE or NIC – Why do they always talk in abbreviations? 

This time it’s IR35 (they’ve thrown in some numbers for variety!)  

It’s another thing that us accountants and you employers and those who have workers have to think about which might affect, you so we really do recommend that you check to ensure that you are working exactly as you should be.

It’s especially important if you or your staff are working on a specified contract to understand whether you/they should be treated as being self-employed or being employed and on the payroll system for tax purposes and vice versa. Thankfully, there’s an on-line link to help you decide


So, if you are about to accept a new contract with a client, there’s been a change to one of your contracts or if you’re thinking about taking a worker on directly then check the HMRC test first to ensure you are doing things as you should up front.  It’s a whole lot easier than trying to undo it afterwards.  Oh, and just to say, it’s wise to do each time any of the above apply, not just as a one-off.