Journey into the unknown?

September 10, 2019

When I first set up my accounting business, everywhere I went and everybody I spoke to advised that in order to build and grow my customer base that I should start and continue “Networking”  

Now, mention this phrase to anybody who isn’t a business owner or whose role isn’t sales related and they’d look at you blankly and be inclined to think it related to IT and involved lots of wires and cabling.

In essence, Networking is the art of widening the knowledge of your audience to inform them of your services and products and then building on those relationships.  The ultimate goal of course is to become a recommended favourite of that audience which takes a considerable amount of time, money and lots and lots of coffee!

Over the past few years, I’ve tried everything.  Local community groups; women only groups; closed groups; large groups; groups with initials and numbers; free meetings; subscription meetings; on-line meetings and of course LinkedIn (no longer a place where one posts a CV in effort to find a new role) Who knew?

But out of all the experiences one thing became very, very clear.  In becoming a “favourite” of my audiences, I also gained an amazing support network.  And that’s what gave me the idea for another type of no-subscription Networking event – “Friends and Business” and absolutely not by magic in any way shape or form – FAB Networking was born!

FAB Networking held its launch event in June 2019 in Atherton, Greater Manchester.   An evening “get-together that was a resounding success!  Lots of FAB businesses meeting up together in a rather more informal setting than the usual.  

Almost immediately on the night, I could see exciting and new conversations taking place just how I’d imagined it!  Existing connections introducing new connections in an informal and relaxed environment; businesses brand new to networking and nervously making their first journey into the unknown and having a positive experience immediately when they walked through the door.    It couldn’t have gone any better.  I knew then that I was on to something.

So, a gin or too later and with amazing food, a business prize raffle, guest speaker and a fabulous guest host, it really did feel like a gathering of friends with a bit of business thrown in too.   Mission accomplished.I’ve great plans for FAB Networking to make it even more of a positive experience and turning into THE event that is in everyone’s diary.  Regular updates and event news can be found on the  Facebook page and also by signing up to receive the newsletter on the page.