Accounts Assistant

Lou joined the team in September 2020 and has taken to the role like a duck to water and is a brilliant fit within the Aspire team. A perfect team player and really gets stuck into the bookkeeping elements with pleasure, providing regular contact with clients to keep their accounts flowing.

About Me:

I was raised in Abram, number 3 of 4 daughters.  I grew up in a busy, loud, loving (mostly! Ha-ha) home.

I found my place in the home as the one who usually had her nose in a book, always interested in learning something new! I always loved creating something and helped my sisters to earn pocket money creating beautiful perfumes using petals from my Dad’s roses and selling it door to door!! I looked after the books!

At school, my passions were Maths, French & all the Creative Arts…

I went to college to study French & German A level, but I couldn’t stick at it and eventually after much soul searching (aged 16!) I decided to leave academic studying alone for a while and instead turn my attentions to learning everything about my family business, packing clothing and footwear to specification for major Mail Order & High Street stores.

I started in the company at the bottom and worked my way up the ranks, gaining a strong understanding of every role on my way.  It was during my time in the family business that my passion for office work & numbers came alive again, leading to going back to college and studying AAT to technician level.  My work as finance manager benefitted from this!

I applied for an Accounts Assistant position at Aspire Accounts after my family business ceased trading, and I’m thrilled that I got the job!

Working in the team at Aspire is giving me a great opportunity to really focus on the work that I love doing! It’s so satisfactory to untangle, what can sometimes just look like a mass of paper and figures, into tangible information that will help a client to see how well their business is performing, and make decisions on how to drive it forward.  

That is what Aspire Accounts does; we present the information clearly and concisely.  I’m proud to be part of a team that is truly focussed on helping their clients.  It fits in with everything I learned from growing up in a family business and having been part of a family business ensures I understand the struggles involved with running your business and your books!!

Outside of work I have a few hobbies that keep me busy! I love baking & cooking delicious creations!  I enjoy crocheting, reading & listening to a huge array of books, getting outside for a big walk, followed, if lucky, by a pub!  

I keep my spiritual side happy with yoga & meditation and long chats putting the world to rights with my lovely bunch of friends and family.

Antonella Brollini
TV Personality & Social Media Influencer

“I was in a right mess confused overwhelmed and just about ready to give up on my dream
and go back to continuing helping someone else achieve theirs. But then in came Jenny and Denisa.”

Fiona Drummond-Wall
Yellow Pup Ltd
“Jenny and her team are invaluable to my business. They go over and above with helpingme to save money and to give great tips on how to be more efficient. I’m delighted with the service and would recommend Aspire Accounts highly to any business”

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