Useful Information

We wouldn’t be any sort of accountant if we didn’t provide the obligatory links to relevant & key areas that you might find useful. Below are some of the most common things that we find people tend to search.

We can help you through it all

Just a word of warning, some of the HMRC links (meaning most) are ambiguous & really comprehensive.

They have to be able to include information for everyone, so if you really don’t want to have to plough through to try and understand it all then just ask us and we’ll talk you through it.

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs)

Tax Allowances – How much can you earn before paying tax & what will be your take home pay (that’s what we all want to know really isn’t it – we’ll tell you)

Tax on company vehicles – Should you buy a vehicle personally, through the company, or lease – what is best for you? (there are lots of things to consider here – best to have a chat with us)

VAT Registration – For when you need to know how much you can turnover before VAT has to be considered. The thresholds change if you distance sell in the UK and there are extra things to consider if you are importing into the UK too (warning – this is a minefield, definitely speak to us)

Dividends – If you’re a Ltd company owner, you have ways of taking your money out of the company more effectively. (This link should contain all the information you need and it does, but it’s not direct enough – we will be!)

Change your VAT details – Form 484 is for when you need to tell Mr Taxman about changes to the company such as, contact info, bank accounts, altering return dates or selling your business

Appoint us as your agent – If you want us to speak directly to HMRC on your behalf so that you don’t have to, you’ll need to complete Form 68-4 or we have our own version that is HMRC approved and we can send digitally

AMRC (Aspire’s Many Roads to Cross)

Places to Visit 2 hours from Manchester
(Atherton is a great place to live & work but we all need to escape)

Atherton Walking Routes (time to dust off the hiking boots and discover new places that you never even knew were there)

Drinking Establishments in Atherton (At Aspire we work hard & we like to reward ourselves too – we have our favourites on this list………..all of them!)

Things to Do in Atherton (Oh it’s not just City Centre’s that can do this, though get past number 9 and we’re struggling a little bit)